Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for free?

You may use the free version indefinitely. The free version give you manual add, edit, filter, and delete of transactions. You may add, edit and delete both tags and buckets. The free version has access to progress monitoring by month. Also, you may import/export data in/out using the spreadsheet friendly csv format. For the free version, your data is stored in local browser storage. To ensure your data is completely safe, you will want to export it to csv file after each work session. Then, import the csv file before working again. To avoid the hassle of file export/import, you may want to upgrade to a cloud based monthly or annual plan.

How do I create buckets for fixed expenses that occur periodically like a mortgage or student loan payment?

We are working on a feature to handle fixed expenses that occur periodically. But, those types of expenses can be handled using the existing percentage based buckets. Set up a bucket using the percentage of your expected income you expect to use for the fixed expense. Watch the progress of that bucket. If you find that the bucket looks to be over or under funded, you can always change the bucket’s percentage and rebucket to get the bucket funding more on target. For more details on rebucketing, check out the section, “Transactions Page: Rebucketing”, on the Features page.

Discounts for students and Non Profit Organizations?

Yes, please contact us if you need a discount. We would be happy to help.

I need something unique. Can you make it?

We are always looking for new ideas to add to the Revenue Rabbit product. Please contact us if you have a unique requirement.

Is there any documentation and support?

Yes, please follow the Feature menu item to find the Features page and view documentation. For support, follow the Contact menu item to find the Contact page.

Any refunds?

Yes, if you are not 100% happy with your Revenue Rabbit experience, we will gladly refund any unused time.

How do I use my promo code?

We offer special promotion codes from time to time. Select pricing. Choose either the annual or monthly plan. Then, you will be offered a form to enter your promotion code to get a percentage off the price.